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Torco T-4SR Synthetic Racing Motorcycle Oil

Torco T-4SR Synthetic Racing Motorcycle Oil

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Product Description
T-4SR is a 100% synthetic oil designed for highly stressed 4-stroke racing engines. T-4SR offers the ultimate in viscosity control, anti-friction, anti-wear and improved power output. It is formulated to reduce engine temperatures and provide the highest degree of protection under the most severe temperature and load conditions. A selective additive system and polymer chemistry also provides anti-oxidation, anti-foam, anti-rust and consistent clutch engagement for motorcycles with integrated transmissions. T-4SR offers the best protection for engines running at consistently high RPM, high temperatures and under extreme loads or endurance type conditions.

Features & Benefits
- 100% advanced synthetic technology
- Non-friction modified formula
- Formulated for wet clutches
- Protects under the most severe temperatures
- Provides smooth, positive clutch activation
- Highest anti-wear and deposit free performance
- Meets or Exceeds: JASO MA / API SJ
- Available Sizes: 1 Liter, 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums

Torco T-4SR technical specs
T-4SR 4-Stroke Motor Oil Typical Uses
Recommended for use in racing and high performance street motorcycles. Can be used in air cooled or liquid cooled 4-cycle engines. Highly recommended for high endurance or severe temperature applications
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