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Torco Race Fuels

Torco Storage Fuel - 5 gal

Torco Storage Fuel - 5 gal

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This long-term fuel is great for times you need to store away your vehicles, generators, ATVs, and more! Torco's Storage Fuel will eliminate the sludge and sediment that ethanol-based pump gas will leave in your engine. This fuel will easily last 6 months in a vented tank and over a year in sealed tanks. Better than any fuel stabilizer.  

Torco long term storage fuel

torco fuel tech sheet T 85 ethanol

• Octane (R+M)/2 94 • M.O.T. 90 • R.O.N 98
• Specific Gravity 0.715 • Oxygen (weight %) 0

Local Pick-up Price:
per 1 gal $10.00 • 5gal pail $75.45 • 55gal drum $665

Call Us for a quote on 55gal drum shipping 480-288-9385

This fuel is not to be used in emission testing.

torco fuel sds sheet T 85 ethanol
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