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Torco FFO Foam Filter Oil Spray

Torco FFO Foam Filter Oil Spray

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Product Description
FFO is formulated with synthetic based oils and special tackifier additives preventing moister and abrasive elements from passing through the foam filter and entering the engine. FFO is easy to apply and it will not dry out, drip or run. FFO improves air flow and it will not gum up or clog foam passages.

Features & Benefits
- Synthetic blend formula
- Prevents moisture and harmful elements from passing through a filter
- Best airflow for consistent jetting and performance
- Easy to apply and easy to clean up
- Meets or Exceeds: manufacturers' performance requirements
- Available Sizes: 19.0 Oz.

Torco Torco FFO Foam Filter Oil Spray technical specs
FFO Foam Filter Oil Spray Typical Uses
For use on all foam filter elements found on motorcycle, scooter, ATV and many other 2-stroke and 4-stroke applications.
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