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Torco Brake Cleaner

Torco Brake Cleaner

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Product Description
Brake & Contact Cleaner is a quick drying solvent that effectively removes all traces of dirt, dust, brake fluids, oils and greases from many mechanical surfaces. Effectively eliminates these elements from brake parts, electrical components and metal surfaces without leaving a residue.

Features & Benefits
- Quick drying, residue free formula
- For cleaning brakes, electrical and metal parts
- No CFC's and ozone safe
- Scented (citrus/vanilla scent) 
- Available Sizes: 18.1 Fluid Oz.

Torco PL-50 Penetrating Lubricant technical specs
Brake Cleaner Typical Uses

Recommended for use on brake calipers, rotors, ignitions, spark plugs and any other related mechanical components.

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