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Torco TBO Break-in Oil

Torco TBO Break-in Oil

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Torco TBO Break-in Oil

Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil is a blend of hydro-processed petroleum base stocks that clean and prepares new surfaces. Since the first start-up of a new engine is critical to its life expectancy, TBO utilizes specially selected additives in order to protect vital race engine parts during the first startup. TBO cleansing agents “scrub down” any contaminants left in new engines from the production process and assure good cleansing of freshly machined parts. Using protective anti-wear chemistry allows mating surfaces to make contact during the first new startup gently. Torco TBO provides the proper film for new bearing protection and is made to withstand viscosity break down in order to maintain good strong parts separation films. This oil can also be used as a consistent monitor control oil or "reference oil" for engine studies using an engine dynamometer. Torco TBO contains a high percentage of “Zinc” anti-wear chemistry for proper valve train and new cam break-in protection. 

Features & Benefits
- Prepares new surfaces
- Promotes proper seating of parts
- Cleans surfaces
- Good for engine
- Dyno flush "Base lane oil"
- High Detergent chemistry
- High Zinc content
- Meets or Exceeds: API GL-6 

Recommended to be run for 30 minutes or longer on new or rebuilt engines for racing, high performance or street applications. Also, good for running in engines prior to switching to synthetic based motor oils.

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