Race for the Wounded

Race for the Wounded

Race for the Wounded

To help our wounded combat veterans integrate and adjust back into society through competition.

March 15
Well we are back from the MINT 400 and I am very happy to say that our wounded veterans Mike Wilson and Justin Gulde had a great time as the Co-Drivers of the Scott Racing Trophy Truck!!

The day started with the alternator going out as we were moving to the start line. The Crew in main pit started working and got it changed to make the start line. Tony and Mike moved the truck past a bunch of other teams in the first 50 miles but hit a big rock that took the left rear brake caliper OFF of the truck and trashed the Ultra Wheel Company and the BFGoodrich Tires from Jackson Motorsports Group. Tony pinched the brake line changed the tire with the new lift system for Howe Performance Power Steering thanks to Sheri Fox and limped to pit A. The Crew got the truck back in the race with 3 calipers until between A and B the driveline took a hit and the top speed was 30MPH to make it to B pit. Agin the crew made the change and they were back in the hunt racing back to main pit. They again lost brakes on the way but made it safe to the pit, that is when the 2nd alternator went out on us. The Crew along with other teams keep working to ensure that Justin would get in the truck for the race. Next thing to go would be the foot off of the new jack system but we still have the old style on the truck. They made it back to the pit in time to make the last lap and 20 miles before the finish line the steering snapped a bolt and our race was over.

I can not thank all of the volunteers enough for the way they fought to keep the truck in the race. Every one of them did their part to ensure that the veterans had the chance to experience the The Mint 400 not as a spectator but as a racer!!!!! All of the hard work from everyone of them made this possible and without any of them we couldn't make this happen for our veterans!! Tony, Arron, Brad, and Russ, working every night on the truck to have it ready. Jess ensuring that the fire suits, helmets earbuds, t-shirts, koozies, patches, and sweatshirts are organized and ready for every event. Bill, and Deb letting us use their shop and putting on a big event for the sponsors and veterans at their house. Kenny, Randy, Chris, Bill, John, and some that I can't even remember their names right now sitting in remote pits all night to keep that truck in the fight. Polly working to find people and companies to make donations to keep everything going. Other teams jumping in to help keep us going, I wish I know what teams were all at the main pit to thank them, I know at one point we had 3 teams all working on our truck to make sure that our veterans would be racing. We even Mike and his family Tracy, Chris, and sorry can't remember the young ladies name fly form GA on their own dime just to help our wounded race the MINT 400.

We also need to thank our brothers Warfighter Made who made a large donation towards our entry fee!!! If you haven't checked them out please do!!!!

We will be in Phx this weekend for a fund raiser so I will get the video made as soon as I can hope to see everyone from PHX at Bill Luke Bass Days at the Pleasant Harbor Marina!!!

We also need to thank our sponsors, Jackson Motorsports Group BFGoodrich Tires Jon Kaase Racing Engines King Off-Road Racing Shocks ENVY Motorsports Flowmaster Howe Performance Power Steering @fox motorsport racing Texas Tornado Bootcamp McKenzies Parts PCI Race Radios PRP Seats Bell Helmets KC HiLiTES, Inc. Torco Race Fuels AXIS ROD ENDS Axia Offroad R2C Performance Products Ultra Wheel Company Mcniel racing
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