RSF Racing Shock Fluids light
RSF Racing Shock Fluids medium

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Torco RSF Racing Shock Fluids

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Product Description
RSF Racing Shock Fluids are a series of light viscosity fluids engineered to exceed the most demanding conditions of modern suspension systems. Formulated using the most advanced 100% synthetic base fluids to provide consistent performance during long duration and severe temperature conditions. RSF employs Torco's proprietary additive system to maintain high VI and eliminate stiction, friction and wear. Features the best protection against foaming, seal swell, oxidation and corrosion. Available in Light and Medium.

Features & Benefits
- 100% synthetic formula 
- Formulated for modern suspension systems 
- Utilizes the most advanced light fluid technology 
- Provides consistent performance under the most severe conditions 
- Superior anti-stiction and anti-friction technology 
- Formulated for long term durability and component life
- Meets or Exceeds: manufacturers' performance requirements
- Available Sizes: 1 Liter, 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums

Torco RSF Racing Shock Fluids specs

RSF racing shock fluid Typical Uses

Recommended for use in all performance or racing shock applications.
RSF Racing Shock Fluid Light 4.70 cSt >300 VI
RSF Racing Shock Fluid Medium 9.57 cSt >300 VI