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Torco Diesel Accelerator

Torco Diesel Accelerator is a multifunctional, heavy-duty, diesel fuel additive specially formulated to provide complete injector cleanliness for better fuel economy and less engine maintenance, especially in today's modern high pressure common rail injection engines. It also contains cetane improver to aid engine starting.
Torco Diesel Accelerator is safe for use in heavy-duty, diesel powered equipment for on-road, off-road and marine use. It should be added to the tank prior to fill up to ensure a homogeneous additive/fuel mixture. As with any fuel additive, exercise care by handling it in well ventilated areas while wearing proper eye and skin protection. Refer to the SDS for more specific information.
This product qualifies for the USA EPA 40CFR80.591A certification meaning the product contains <15 ppm (mg/L) sulfur.
This product has been specially formulated for use in today's modern diesel fuels and typical biodiesel blends. Please contact your Torco sales representative for more information.
torco accelerator torco octane booster

Diesel Accelerator
Recommended Dosage 1oz to 10gal ( 30mL to 40L )
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Torco Accelerator
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1 Quart

6 quarts of Torco Diesel Accelerator


Key Performance Benefits

• Cleans up internal injector "sticky" deposits
• Prevents formation of internal injector "sticky" deposits
• Helps keep injectors clean for more efficient engine operation, reducing the extent of both power and emissions deterioration, meets the latest DW-10 performance test
• Improves ignition quality, raising cetane by up to 2 numbers for easier engine starts and faster dissipation of white smoke
• Increases lubricity, extending the life of critical fuel pump and injector parts
• Increases fuel stability and corrosion control, reducing filter plugging, sludge formation, and fuel system corrosion


Torco Diesel Accelerator fuel additive is formulated to provide injector cleanliness, better fuel economy and less engine maintenance. In addition higher Cetane benefits.