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Testing Stage
Torco Diesel Accelerator
Torco Race Fuels is proud to announce the addition of our new Torco Diesel Accelerator. Our first rounds of testing are in and we are very excited with what we see, this C-Tane improver also added 25 hp and 40 foot pounds of torque to our stock 2006 Chevrolet Duramax, but the big news is that it hit peak horse power and torque 1200 rpm quicker giving the Duramax faster acceleration and better throttle response. Torco Diesel Accelerator and our freshly re-labeled Unleaded Accelerator will be ready to ship by Nov. 1

October 2008
Firebird International Raceway deal
Torco Race Fuels is proud to announce that it has recently signed a multi year agreement with Firebird International Raceway to be the "official Fuel Supplier" at Firebird. "the folks at Firebird are great to work with and we couldn't be happier" said Jody Davis President of Torco Race Fuels. Look for the Torco fuel depot at every, drag, boat, motorcycle and road race event!

October 10-12, 2008
2008 California Rod Reunion
Auto Club Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, Calif.: 17th Annual California Hot Rod Reunion presented by Automobile Club of Southern California, features hundreds of street rods, customs, and muscle cars as well as the Reunion Swap Meet, Manufacturers Midway, and lots of celebrities. On Friday night, the CHRR Reception will be held in the DoubleTree Hotel ballroom, and Saturday features qualifying for the drag racers. Plus the sensational Cacklefest will fill the grandstands as more than 40 historic race cars push-start and then line up side by side where they all "cackle" simultaneously, lighting up the night!, too.
Spectators: For tickets (credentials) call: 800.884-6472 (AAA members receive a discount )
Look for Torco Race Fuels under the Torco sign near the staging lanes!
We will be on site selling Torco fuels and oils.

Coming soon!
Torco Diesel Accelerator
Our R&D department have been busy developing what we feel is the best thin to come to the Diesel world in quite a while. Torco Race Fuel plans on launching its new line of Diesel Accelerator at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nevada. This high C-tane race Diesel concentrate will be available soon in 32oz bottles just like our ever popular Torco Accelerator for Unleaded gasoline applications. Check back for more details dyno results and pricing.

September 19th-21st 2008
Sand Sport Super Show
Torco Race Fuel to debut new fuel at the Sand Sports Super Show at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa California, September 19th-21st. Stop by our booth a see the latest Larry Minnor creation a $200K drag Jeep.

September 9th 2008
Press Release
Torco Race Fuels to “re-ignite” in North America.
Phoenix Race Fuels in Chandler Arizona has entered into a confidential multiyear licensing agreement with Torco International, to manufacture and market the popular Torco Race Fuels brand of products. Torco looks forward to the continuation of providing the racing community with quality fuel products consistent with almost 60 years of excellent reputation of Torco trademarks for every segment of racing automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, and watercraft, to name a few. Torco International is based in California and provides the racing community with performance products including advanced lubricants.
Race car manufacturer Jody Davis of Arizona, along with a small group of local investors, has teamed up to put Torco Race Fuels back in the race. They are currently offering a full line of Torco Race Fuel Products in limited volume, until there Chandler Arizona facility is up to speed.
Phoenix Race Fuels (a Torco distributor) was faced with a difficult decision earlier this year when then Torco Race Fuels manufacturer Evan Knoll made the call to halt the supply of fuel to the West Coast. Not willing to throw away all their hard work in securing supply contracts with tracks such as Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Firebird International Raceway, Jody and his team made the leap from race fuel distributor to race fuel manufacturer. “It’s been a tough road, but Torco has such a loyal racer base that we couldn’t just let the brand fade away” says Jody.
In an effort to deliver the best customer service, Phoenix Race Fuels landed former Torco Race Fuel employee Don Clark. Don feels confident the quality Torco distributors that were in place earlier this year will again be proudly offering Torco Race Fuel Products to their customers. Rising from the ashes, aptly named Phoenix Race Fuels, plans on continuing the same philosophy that’s has brought success to three generations in the Davis family a “yes we can” attitude.
Look for Torco Race Fuels at a track or race fuel distributor in your area again soon. For more information on ordering and product availability, go to the Torco web site:

September 8th 2008
Torco Race Fuels preparing for upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas please look for us in the performance hall alongside Torco Lubricants.

September 1st 2008
The Web-Site
Our web-site is on the way. Take look at our dealers page, its fully functional and it will help you find supplier near you.

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Diesel booster
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