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Torco MPZ O2 Oil additive Catalytic Converter Safe

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Product Description
Torco MPZ O2 Oil Treatment is formulated with Generation II MPZ. Generation II MPZ is a proprietary additive system engineered to provide anti-wear and friction fighting chemistry necessary to protect modern engines in current street performance cars and trucks equipped with catalytic converters. MPZ O2 Oil Treatment additive system incorporates an alternative to Phosphorus and Zinc in order to stay compliant with new car manufacturer recommendations.

API-SM rating means your oil has 30% to 40% less anti-wear chemistry compared to earlier ratings. For modern automobiles, you cannot just add a Zinc additive because it may harm the catalytic converter. It is not necessarily the Zinc that is damaging to the catalytic converter.

It is actually the Phosphorus that has to accompany the Zinc to make it work properly as an anti-wear agent. The Phosphorus is the heat seeking agent that over time can react with the precious metals (Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) within the catalytic converter and damage it to the point of improper operation. Current automobiles need a Catalytic Converter Safe additive that will, most importantly, increase wear-protection without harming emission equipment that is very costly to replace. SR-1 Oil Treatment not only increases wear-protection but, will also increase fuel mileage with additional proprietary friction fighting components.

Features & Benefits
- Catalytic Converter Safe
- Adds anti-wear protection to any API-SL or API-SM rated oils.
- Protects during dry starts.
- Extends engine life.
- Reduces costly repairs.
- Meets or Exceeds: manufacturers' performance requirements
- Available Sizes: 12.0 Oz.

MPZ O2 Oil Treatment Typical Uses

One bottle of MPZ O2 Oil Treatment is designed to add to 5-6 quarts of any API-SM rated oil that is being used in a catalytic converter equipped automobile. MPZ O2 Oil Treatment will bring the anti-wear capabilities of your oil up to a sufficient level.
Use ZEP if you don't have catalytic converters