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Torco racing fuel

We only ship in continental US all other countries please call the office at 480 288 9385

Torco Fuel Specs 2009

Torco Accelerator blend chart
Fuel Specs Chart
Torco accelerator chartPDF

Torco Cross Reference

Cross Referance racing fuel chart
Cross Reference Chart
Torco accelerator chartPDF

For fuel purchases please call your local distributor
our corporate office at 480 288-9385


100 octane fuel
Torco 100 UL

Our competition 100 is a premium Unleaded race fuel ideal for late model performance vehicles where O2 sensors are used. Works well in under 400 cubic inch motors, injected and turbo charged.
M.O.N. 97 • R.O.N. 104

100 octane fuel
Torco 104 OXY

Powersport 104 is an oxygenated fuel designed for motorcycles, snowmobiles, go karting, crate engines and any engine requiring 104 octane and looking to gain more horsepower from an oxygenated fuel.
This fuel is oxygenated by ethanol and contains 3.4% oxygen content.
M.O.N. 102 • R.O.N. 106 • 3.4% Oxygen

108 octane fuel
Torco 108 UL

Similar in make up to our competition 100, our 108 is also unleaded and works well in the same applications but will satisfy the demands of higher compression or unusually high boost.
M.O.N. 102 • R.O.N. 112

110 octane fuel
Hot Rod 110

Our Hot Rod 110 is a perfect fuel for most race engines up to 12:1 compression, naturally aspirated and under 500 cubic inches of displacement. Applications range from circle track, drag, marine, off-road, powersports and hot rods.
M.O.N. 106 • R.O.N. 114

112 octane fuel
Torco 112

Very similar to our 110, our 112 was developed with a slightly higher anti-knock rating for a bridge between Torco 110 and Torco 114 applications. Good to 14:1 compression ratios.
M.O.N. 109 • R.O.N. 115

112 octane fuel
Torco 112 OXY

112 oxygenated fuel works well for naturally aspirated 2-stroke race snowmobiles.
M.O.N. 109 • R.O.N. 115

114 octane fuel
Torco 114

114 - For race engines under 550 cubic inch, naturally aspirated under 15:1 compression. Ideal for most bracket, super class drag cars, and marine race engines.
M.O.N. 111 • R.O.N. 117

116 octane fuel
Torco 116

116 - Designed for race motors with either small displacement - extremely high boost conditions or mild large displacement supercharged engines. Ideal for nostalgia drag race, or high boost import drag racing, and mild supercharged marine applications.
M.O.N. 115 • R.O.N. 118

118 octane fuel
Torco 118

Our popular 118 fuel is right at home with today’s large displacement 550+ cubic inch engines and compression ratios above 15:1. With a wide range of applications, our 118 can’t be beat for superior engine detonation protection.
M.O.N. 118 • R.O.N. 120

118 octane fuel
Torco 118 OXY

118 oxygenated nos works well for turbo charged 4-stroke race snowmobiles
M.O.N. 118 • R.O.N. 120

118 Nos octane fuel
Torco 118 NOS

118 NOS - Similar to 118 and originally designed for Nitrous applications we found that this fuel is perfect for blown and turbocharged engines as well. Our NOS fuel offers faster flame speed, which is needed to complete the burn in high revving, high cylinder pressure combustion chambers.
M.O.N. 118 R.O.N. 120

Methanol fuel

Our Methanol is pure clean motor fuel grade methanol. Used by some of drag racing’s and circle tracks top teams. Torco Methanol delivers consistent quality drum to drum.

Nitro Methane fuel
Nitro Methane

Torco Nitro Methane is the best fuel available today. Torco Nitro has powered pro teams in all forms of motorsports to records and championships.

For fuel purchases please call your local distributor
our corporate office at 480 288-9385
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