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Alexander Motorsports

Runs on Torco 110 and Torco Racing Oils

Alexander Motorsports takes the 2013 Best In The Desert Class 5000 Championship with the Henderson 250 Race making them a four-time consecutive Class Champion

alexander motorsportsThe Henderson 250 race in Jean, NV on December 7th was the last race of the Best In The Desert (BITD) 2013 series and it was one of the coldest days of the year. With temperatures in the upper 20s, the Alexander Motorsports crew was faced with one of the most difficult challenges: how to get the race motor up to operating temperatures. After running the car for over 30 minutes in the race trailer, 170 degrees would have to do; it was off to the start. But even with the oil coolers covered, the temperature of the motor dropped to 140 degrees before they ever got the green light. So to prevent blowing any oil lines, Steve Alexander, with navigator Sean Babb, took it easy off the start. Finally, the motor temperature reached 200 degrees and everything was looking great. But after reaching the higher elevations, they started their descent back into the valley and once again the temperature dropped to 140 degrees. As car #5001 was getting close to the first pit, Sean had noticed a dip in oil pressure. They alerted their pit crew to check the oil, which was okay. They left the pit racing buggyand were heading to one of the most desolate areas of the course; snow flurries had increased causing the ambient temperature to drop. Once again the oil pressure started to fluctuate. They weren't sure if it was an internal problem with the motor or just a faulty gauge, but Steve Alexander made the decision to call the race. It was a bittersweet decision, but fortunately Alexander Motorsports had secured enough points for the season that they only needed to start this race in order to win the 2013 Class 5000 Championship with Best in the Desert.

This was Alexander Motorsports' final race in their beloved Class 5000 as they are in the process of building a new race car for the upcoming 2014 season. There will be more information to come.

This incredible season could not have been possible without the expert support of General Tire, KC HiLiTES, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Torco Racing Oils and Fuels, Wiks Racing Engines, RC Trans, FK Rod Ends, K&N Filters, MSD Ignition, Livewire Energy, BTR Wheels, Butch's Speed Shop, Patrick Sign's, and BOLT, as well as the professionalism of the whole Alexander Motorsports.

Alexander Motorsports wins the 2013 General Tire Vegas to Reno

alexander motorsportsThe General Tire "Vegas to Reno" race is "The Longest Off-Road Race in the United States!". This would be Alexander Motorsports second attempt to complete this legendary race. As the bright yellow car #5001 approached the starting line at 10:50am on Friday morning temperatures were already into the 100's with absolutely no wind; but why should this year be any different. Steve Alexander would drive the first leg of the race with Mark Pettit navigating. They were the second Class 5000 to leave the line and within 10 minutes they had taken the lead like they had done at so many other races. But this wasn't just another race. By mile 25 Steve noticed something on the rear suspension that didn't feel right and with Pit 1 at mile 32 Steve was on the radio getting the crew ready. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be an easy fix. All chase crews rallied back to Pit 1 to do whatever had to be done to get the car back into the race. Alexander Motorsports40 minutes later and with all repairs completed Steve now found himself in unfamiliar territory, he was at the back of the pack with over 500 miles to go. He had to keep his concentration up high as the course was already scattered with remnants of what used to be race cars that fell victim to lack of visibility as a result of the relentless dust. One by one Steve was catching the slower race cars and carefully passing them not to fall victim to hundreds of the hidden boulders. Just as they were making ground everything came to a stop along a section with hundred foot drop offs; another vehicle had broken down and there was no way to pass. Several of the navigators from the patiently waiting race vehicles jumped out of their cars to assist the stranded vehicle by pushing him to the side. After what felt like an eternity (actually 7 minutes) the path was clear and 5001 was moving again. 2 hours and 45 minutes after they had left the start, #5001 came into their first fuel stop at Pit 3. Both chase teams went over the car with a fine tooth comb.

Alexander Motorsports The repairs that were made to the rear suspension looked excellent and they were back on the course. 125 miles after the car had to make the unscheduled stop, Steve would put car #5001 back into the lead. His plan now was to get as much distance between him and his competitor before he reached Pit 6 which was the 220 mile marker. At this point Doug Roorda was taking over the driving duties and Mark Pettit would stay in the car as navigator. At Pit 10, mile 354, Chase 1 and 2 would go over the car one more time and re-fuelled it before sending Doug into some of the biggest silt beds and mountain terrains up to 8,000 foot high. not to mention, Doug would have to do this in the dark. Thanks to the KC HiLiTES HID PODs and LED CUBEs they would tame the night making Doug's job easier. Doug made the scheduled stop 432 miles in at Pit 12 where Baja Pits would splash 5 gallon of fuel to get them to the next fueling pit. alexander motorsportsSteve sat patiently at Pit 13, 468 miles into the course, waiting for Doug to bring in the car. Team manager Claudia Alexander was following the IRC tracker and could see that the competition was starting to close in on car #5001 so the last pit stop, driver and co-driver change had to be a fast one.Due to the logistics of the race they were short handed and had only one chase team at that Pit. Checkers pit support who was pitting next to Alexander Motorsports offered their assistance to help with the fueling. Steve was back in the car, now with Sean Babb as navigator taking over for Mark Pettit who had now completed 468 miles of brutal desert. With roughly 75 miles to go Steve was loaded up on Livewire Energy chews and disappeared into the night with one thing on his mind: the finish line. 15 hours and 12 minutes after car 5001 left the start they crossed the finish line to be crowned the 2013 General Tire Vegas to Reno Class 5000 Champion. 543 miles of rock, silt and everything else the desert had to offer Alexander Motorsports finished on the same set of red lettered Grabbers that they started on. K&N Filters kept the Wiks Type 4 running clean while Torco Lubricants kept the motor and RC Trans prepped Mendeola running smooth. This huge undertaking would not have been possible were it not for the tireless effort of the Alexander Motorsports chase crews.

alexander motorsports

2013 Mar • Alexander Motorsports wins the MINT 400 in Jean, NV

parker 425 The legendary General Tire MINT 400 is in Alexander Motorsports's backyard. Steve Alexander is no stranger to the MINT 400; he raced it for the first time in 1979 and took first place in a Class 5 in 2011. Last year, the team ran into several minor issues that gave them a fifth place finish. Steve left nothing to chance this year. With the best of everything on the car they would head into battle, but not before all the MINT 400 excitement and activities. With Alexander Motorsports being in the KC HiLiTES Dirt Tribe, Steve had the opportunity to share his passion and memories of the MINT 400 with a film crew at his house/shop.
alexander motorsports
Here is the link to the YouTube video: Click here«

Thursday night the Alexander Motorsports crew set up on Fremont Street to sign autographs at the meet and greet and share stories with so many interesting people. Friday morning's fun would start at 8am with Steve doing a live TV interview with a local news station, along with fellow GT members Justin Lofton and Mickey Childress. Next up was a radio interview with SpeedFreaks...Steve was able to strut the pink flamingos and boa rather nicely.
in a race truck
After 5 hours of sleep, staging started at 5am Saturday morning and it was a brisk 43 degrees outside. For a native Las Vegan like Steve that's like the dead of winter. There was no time for complaining, 'cause at 6:02am the race would start for the General Tire/KC HiLiTES/ICON Vehicle Dynamics car #5001. With absolutely no wind, the dust was hanging in the air making it very hard to navigate; but thanks to the KC HiLiTES amber HID PODs, they cut through the dust showing driver Steve Alexander and navigator Mark Pettit the way.

racing buggy
Steve tried to get as much ground on the competitor as possible but that lead shrunk when a rock got jammed into the alternator pulley causing them to lose a fan belt. However, they managed to replace the belt quickly and never lost the lead. At the end of the second lap, Steve had increased the lead to one hour. He handed the driving duties over to Doug Roorda, who finished out the race flawlessly, giving Alexander Motorsports the win for the 2013 MINT 400. No matter how much silt, sand or rocks the Nevada desert would dish out, the red letter General Tire Grabbers successfully took on the challenge. Newcomer to the team, Mark Pettit proved to be a very valuable asset as a navigator as he iron manned the entire race.

racing offroadThis gives Alexander Motorsports their second win of two races for the 2013 season.

This would not have been possible without the expert support of General Tire, KC HiLiTES, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Torco Racing Oils and Fuels, Wiks Racing Engines, RC Trans, FK Rod Ends, K&N Filters, MSD Ignition, BTR Wheels, Butch's Speed Shop and Patrick Sign's and the professionalism of the whole Alexander Motorsports crew.

The next race will be the Best in the Desert
"Silver State 300" in Alamo, NV
May 5th, 2013.

2013 Jan • Alexander Motorsports wins the Parker 425 in Parker, AZ

parker 425 Alexander Motorsports arrived in Parker, AZ on Thursday, January 31, 2013 to meet with their newest sponsor General Tire. Steve Alexander was invited to a photo shoot, together with Randy Merritt and Macrae Glass of the General Tire/KC HiLiTES team, followed by photo shoots with the new General Tire lineup. Everyone had a great time, especially during the video shoot...but you'll have to wait to see that for yourselves...sorry, no spoilers.

On Friday, after picking up two drums of fuel from the newly joined partner Torco Race Fuels, ICON Vehicle Dynamics' Dylan Evans met with Steve to do some final shock tuning to adjust for the new 33" General Tire Grabbers. This was a perfect opportunity to check the jetting on the T4 from Wiks Racing Engines. Everything was coming together, Steve's confidence was high, and the car was ready to do battle.

parker 425 parker raceWell before sunup on Saturday morning, the Alexander Motorsports crew got their breakfast burritos and were heading to their assigned pits. Steve Alexander and newcomer Mark Pettit (who would be navigating) took the General Tire/KC HiLiTES/ICON Vehicle Dynamics car #5001 and headed to staging for the parade through Parker at 6:00am. They would be starting in the third position, of three cars, in class 5000. Around 8:40am, car #5001 left the starting line with one goal in mind: to win the race. Within the first two miles, Steve had passed both competitors and was out to put as much distance between him and them as possible. At the end of the first lap, Steve pulled into the main pit where the crew found a minor crack in the steering mount. This was quickly repaired. A co-rider change took place, and Kris Trajano would take over the navigational duties. baja race

praker arizona raceThis was by far not the typical Parker 425 race. Because of all the rain they had weeks before, the course was becoming extremely brutal. Fiberglass body parts along with broken cars were scattered along the way. Steve, aware that one of his competitors was already out of the race, had no idea where the other one was until he reached mile 62...and there they sat. Steve knew if he could keep the car together, he'd win the 2013 Parker 425. The unforgiving Arizona desert was going to do everything to make this a difficult task. The holes were getting deeper and more squared off. At one point, Steve said he hit a hole so hard, he felt some of the enamel come off his teeth. After a 280 mile beating, Steve got out of the car and gave the honors to Doug Roorda. The crack on the steering mount was doing fine but one of the bolts had pulled out of the housing. Doug knew what he had to do and took off into the sunset.

alexander motorsports at parker AZ At Midway's pit, the Alexander Motorsports crew made the final inspection on the steering and all was good. The only thing between Doug and the finish line was the legendary goat trail. It was worse than it had ever been and Doug said it was worse than a broken roller coaster. But at the end of the day, and 11:42:39 later, the Arizona desert had to bow down to car #5001. It was in the books---the Alexander Motorsports team would be crowned the 2013 Parker 425 Class 5000 champion.

This would not have been possible without the expert support of General Tire, KC HiLiTES, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Torco Racing Oils and Fuels, Wiks Racing Engines, RC Trans, FK Rod Ends, K&N Filters, MSD Ignition, BTR Wheels, Butch's Speed Shop and Patrick Sign's and the professionalism of the whole Alexander Motorsports crew.

The next race will be the Best in the Desert "General Tire MINT 400" in Las Vegas, NV on March 23rd, 2013.

2012 Dec • Alexander Motorsports takes the 2012 Best In The Desert Class 5000 Championship with the Henderson 250 race

The Henderson 250 race in Jean, NV on December 1st was the last race of the Best In The Desert (BITD) 2012 series. This was Alexander Motorsports first year running with BITD; the goal was to be consistent and it proved to be successful. Out of 6 races they were able to podium 5 times, 4 of them being first place.

With the Bluewater Desert Challenge race in Parker, AZ Alexander Motorsports already earned enough points to secure the Class 5000 Championship and only needed to start the Henderson 250 race. This was a golden opportunity for Steve Alexander to push the car harder than he ever had to test the new front suspension and prove its reliability. The goal was to overall their heat which started at 9:30am. The first half of the race ran flawless with Steve as the driver and Kris Trajano navigating running in second place, 4 minutes behind the leader, Bryan Folks in his Ford powered Class 1100.

Alexander Motorsports
After a short pit stop for fuel, and driver/co-driver changes, Doug Roorda with Gavin Ferguson navigating would continue the fight. Doug was able to shorten the distance from the lead car down to 2 minutes. With only 20 miles to the finish Doug clipped the side of a rock at 90 mph, taking out the left rear tire. Unfortunately he chose the worst area to try to change a tire, with a mixture of silt and sand they could not get the car jacked up high enough to remove the tire. After working like 2 groundhogs digging enough dirt out from under the tire, 14 minutes had elapsed and they were now running 10th. Doug hammered down catching and passing one car and giving Alexander Motorsports a 9th overall, 1st in class finish.

The new Longero Motorsports front suspension along with ICON Vehicle Dynamics shocks proved to be bullet proof and handled every bit of power delivered by the Wiks Racing Engines Type 4 paired up with the RC Trans prepped Mendeola 2-d. The new air filtration system with K&N Filters kept the motor running clean and powerful. The pre filter worked so well that the secondary filter was spotless.

This would not have been possible without the awesome support of the title sponsor KC HiLiTES!

Their next race will be the 2013 Best In The Desert Parker 425 "The Legend Lives on" on February 2nd, 2013.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible starting with the expert maintenance of the Alexander Motorsports crew and the support of the following sponsors: KC HiLiTES, Livewire Energy, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Wiks Racing Engines, RC Trans, Mickey Thompson Tires, Longero Motorsports, FK Rod Ends, K&N Filters, MSD Ignition, Torco Advanced Lubricants, BTR Wheels, Butch's Speed Shop and Patrick Sign's.

2012 Aug • Alexander Motorsports makes a valiant effort at their first Vegas to Reno race

Alexander Motorsports showed up to the Best in the Desert "General Tire Vegas to Reno" debuting not only their Longero Motorsports fabricated front boxed trailing arms that deliver 16" of travel but also a new Type 4 2820cc by Wiks Racing Engines and a new air filtration system using K&N air filters. The plan was to run a clean race, putting the new package to a full test by finishing 534 miles.

The first racers left the starting line in Beatty, NV before the sun came up while Alexander Motorsports had their final pit meeting with their 3 chase crews assuring everyone knew where they had to be. The trucks were loaded with pit boxes, tires, several cases of water and Livewire Energy chews to keep everyone alert. Alexander Motorsports left the line as the second Class 5 around 11 o'clock. 5 minutes later the GPS called it quits, after 3 attempts to bring it back to life Steve Alexander informed navigator Gavin Ferguson that they were going to be racing "old school style" - if you can't see it, get off the gas. Within 20 minutes 5005 had taken the lead. The new Wiks racing engine was delivering unbelievable torque to the bulletproof RC Trans prepped Mendeola; no matter how deep the silt was, car 5005 pushed past every stuck vehicle that fell victim to the relentless Nevada silt. 2 hours after the start they reached Pit 3, 99 miles into the race for their first fuel stop. The car was performing flawless. After a quick splash of fuel they went on to attack more silt. Pit 5, 192 miles into the race, car 5005 still running flawless was due for fuel and a driver change - Doug Roorda would change out with Steve, navigator Gavin was staying in the car. Alexander Motorsports received word that they were the only class 5 still running. Pit 9, 307 miles into the course was the next scheduled pit stop for fuel and a rear tire change. While averaging almost 44 mph and with 7 hours and some change since the start Doug and Gavin charged out of Pit 9 to battle the night with one thing on their minds - a finish.

Alexander Motorsports

off road buggy
Unfortunately 8 miles later the steering rack had other plans and snapped leaving car 5005 without steering at mile 315. Luckily it broke loose in an area without cliffs or other dangers that could have been critical for passengers and car. With no possible way of fixing the damage, Steve Alexander had to make the unfortunate call to end the race. Alexander Motorsports would be a given a first place DNF.

Everything performed just as we had planned, no matter what the terrain dished out. Unfortunately due to an unforeseen circumstance out of our hands we had to end the race early. Our next race will be the Best in the Desert Bluewater Challenge in Parker, AZ on October 13th and 14th, 2012.

Alexander Motorsports
Fantastic photo by a 17 year old Kris Trajano that will co-drive the V2R with Alexander Motorsports

2012 May • Alexander Motorsports takes 1st place at the BITD Silver State 300 - And What a story!

Alexander MotorsportsAlexander Motorsports started first of the line in the Class 5000 at the Best in The Desert Silver State 300 and never looked back. Steve Alexander and ICON’s Sean Kepler ran the first 100 miles together going from 4,000 up to 7,000 foot elevation. No matter what the Silver State 300 course threw at them the car sucked it up thanks to the expertly tuned ICON Vehicle suspension. Turn after turn the Mickey Thompson Tires dug in deep keeping the car on track. The new RC Trans prepped Mendeola transaxle proved to be flawless, owner John Houlton wasn’t kidding when he says “we’ll get you in gear”. After 2 hours and 20 minutes they reached Pit 3 only to find out that the closest competitor was 40 miles behind them. After a quick splash of fuel, a clean set of K&N outer foam filters, a Livewire Energy chew, Gavin Ferguson traded seats with Sean to attack the final 200 miles navigating for Steve whose plans were to ironman the 300 mile course. The next 50 miles would prove to be the toughest with 6 water crossings and some of the deepest silt beds the 5005 crew has ever seen, many of them still littered with incapacitated race vehicles. They arrived at Pit 4 where the crew noticed a small crack developing on the front beam. 25 miles further down the road Pit 5 had a welder set-up and ready to go. Steve made the decision to push on to Pit 5 rather to wait for a welder. The crack was repaired at Baja Pits within 10 Alexander Motorsportsminutes and they were back in the race. At the 200 mile marker Gavin noticed a slight loss in oil pressure; they stopped and added a quart of Torco oil. 10 miles later they arrived at Pit 6 to take on fuel. The crew noticed the motor had developed a leak and more oil was needed. Steve made the choice to push on with the help of another Livewire Energy chew to keep him alert and focused. 50 miles later at Pit 7 the crew added two more quarts of oil but the motor was getting tired. With only 34 miles to go to the finish Steve made the call it’s “do or die”. They had 3 spare quarts of oil in the car; they crossed their fingers and hit the gas. Gavin called out every 10 miles to the crew and Steve was sweating bullets. Oil pressure dropped dangerously low to 20 pounds but with the finish line in site, Steve hammered down. It was all worth it, with a total time of 7 hours and 48 minutes and no flats Alexander Motorsports crossed the finish line scoring their first Best in The Desert victory.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible starting with the expert maintenance of the Alexander Motorsports crew and the support of the following sponsors: KC HiLiTES, Livewire Energy, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, RC Trans, Mickey Thompson Tires, FK Rod Ends, BTR Wheels, K&N Filters, MSD Ignition, Torco Advanced Lubricants,, Butch's Speed Shop and Patrick Sign's.

2012 Mar • Alexander Motorsports takes 5th place at the 2012 Best In The Desert MINT 400

Alexander MotorsportsAlexander Motorsports started fourth of the line with a total of 9 entries in Class 5000. Steve Alexander and ICON's Sean Kepler started the race. They had a flawless first lap and were running a strong second place. The new ICON Vehicle Dynamics Omega double bypass shocks on the front of the car smoothed out everything the MINT 400 dished out. Steve said that his car has never handled this good, Sean is confident that ICON can make some more adjustments to make the ride even smoother. The new K&N filters along with the MSD ignition were doing a great job keeping the Torco lubricated Bill Shapley Racing engine running clean and strong. 20 miles into the second lap they suffered their first flat tire and quickly made a tire change. With 16 miles to the first Pit it just wasn't going to be their day, they suffered two more rear flats. After driving almost 7 miles they made the decision to put the good front tires on the rear, this limited the ability to steer the car and a mile from pit one Steve high-centered the car. They were now at the mercy to BITD retrievals and thankfully they were able to get them two more tires from the pit and tow it off the berm. By the time they got back into the race they already lost 2 hours but they came back strong. Everything on the car was working perfectly but the course looked like the aftermath of a battle field. Steve and Sean completed their second lap in the dark and thanks to KC HiLiTES every obstacle could be seen. The car was handed over to Doug Roorda and Gavin Ferguson who charged into the night to try to make up some time. They ran a great third lap but unfortunately for the team they timed out at the end of the third lap, unofficially giving a fifth place for the 2012 MINT 400. Alexander Motorsports wants to thank all of their sponsors: KC HiLiTES, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Bill Shapley Racing Engines & Transmissions, FK Rod Ends, Torco Advanced Lubricants, K&N Filters, MSD Ignition, Mickey Thompson Tires, BTR Wheels,, Patrick Sign's, Butch's Speed Shop, and Allcoat Powdercoating. This would not be possible without their support.

2012 Feb • Alexander Motorsports takes 3rd place in its debut race at the BITD Parker 425

Alexander Motorsports
Alexander Motorsports
Alexander Motorsports

Alexander Motorsports debuted their new look on February 4th, 2012 as one of the official KC HiLiTES race vehicles. Alexander Motorsports will be racing the 2012 Best in the Desert series with help from the following new partners: KC HiLiTES, ICON Vehicle Dynamics featuring the new ZETA bypass shock, Bill Shapley Racing Engines & Transmissions, FK Rod Ends, Torco Advanced Lubricants, K&N Filters, MSD Ignition, Mickey Thompson Tires, BTR Wheels,, Patrick Sign's, and Butch's Speed Shop.

Steve Alexander and Gavin Ferguson started the race second out of five in Class 5000. At the end of the first lap they were running in third position. The car was working phenomenal. The new ICON Vehicle Dynamics bypass shocks were holding strong and kept the ride smooth. The team suffered a 20 minute set back during the second lap due to a nut coming loose on the lower link pin. Once the crew from Las Vegas Dissemination identified and rectified the problem Steve and Gavin continued to chase the leaders. At the end of the second lap Steve Alexander was so impressed with the handling of the car he made the decision to stay in the car and drive the last lap. With the sun going down and the visibility down to zero they clipped a rock with the rear tire suffering their only flat for the entire race 20 miles from start/finish. Finally the sun went down and they were able to use their KC HIDs to light up the desert and bring it to the finish. Just under 10 hours and 425 miles later the brand new Bill Shapley racing engine with Torco oil never missed a beat, no matter how deep the washes or silt got, the 2332cc had the torque to get the job done and giving them the third place podium position. Steve said "the car rode so smooth, I could do one more lap", obviously he owes that to the ICON Vehicle Dynamics ZETA shocks.

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